Are there costs to set up and maintain an account with Adventure Systems, LLC?

For members-in-good-standing of partner organizations, the standard set-up fee is $225, with no annual fee thereafter (with continuance of membership at time of annual renewal). For all other campgrounds, the standard set up fee is $495, with an annual fee thereafter of $180 per annum. Three hours of support is included in the set-up fee, to be used within 60 days of executed signed contract. The annual support (after set-up) with renewal includes up to two hours per annum.

The set-up fee and set-up service does not include population of content for your reservation page. Population of content service is available for up to a 200 site campground for a fee of $500. Additional Support (Setup or ongoing basis: 1-Hour package: $90; 2-Hour package: $150; 5-Hour package: $350.